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Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness, if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness. It’s so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won’t make you happy. It’s only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

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Once Upon a Time 1x21 Promo - “An Apple Red as Blood”

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So just some thoughts after watching The Return…

I know that there are a lot of Regina fans out there and Lana does an excellent portrayal of that character. But I think that because of the amazing acting, people are forgetting that Regina has done bad things. No matter what her past is, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she was willing to ruin everyone’s happy ending just to get hers. She also used other people and ruined their lives. The Mad Hatter, Hansel and Gretel, and there are many other examples. At this point, she isn’t just trying to get back at Snow, she’s taking out her anger on the whole world. That isn’t fair to people who probably haven’t even met her. I know that the world wasn’t exactly fair to Regina and that she doesn’t have a good past, but that doesn’t mean that her actions are excusable. It is one thing to empathize with her character and another to sympathize and say she is justified in her actions because of her past. Maybe that isn’t what people are trying to say, but that is just sort of the feel I get from the comments I see on tumblr.

Also, I do not think that Emma’s actions are excusable either on today’s episode. It wasn’t the right course for her to try to just take away Henry like that. However, you can see where she is trying to come from. She is starting to believe about the fairy tale characters but she doesn’t want to. How can she have so many people depending on her when she can barely just take care of herself. Also, even though she technically doesn’t have any evidence to prove that Regina framed Mary Margaret, she knows that Regina is guilty. She found the key and right now, she doesn’t know the past behind Regina’s actions. All she knows is that Regina is trying to frame a completely innocent person for murder and that she was the one to bury the heart since the shovel was in her house. All she knows at this point is that something isn’t right in Regina’s head and her son is living in that house with her. How does Emma know that something won’t set off Regina especially since Henry is so blunt with his feelings. She just wants her son safe and her mind is still in a frenzy because of August, so she chooses the wrong and impulsive choice to just run off with Henry. I don’t agree with her action but I just see people saying that Emma is crazy and that she doesn’t have any evidence that Regina is bad. I just felt the need to defend this from Emma’s point of view.

Also, people are saying that Henry is acting like a spoiled brat to Regina. But the thing, there has to be a trigger that we just don’t know about. There has to be something he heard, or something that Regina said that made him believe. There is no reason for him to suspect Regina is she was genuinely as kind as she seems to Henry right now. I’m eager to see what the writers decide. But to people who say that Regina is perfectly kind to Henry, you still have to remember that sometimes her love doesn’t mean the best results. She loved her father, despite his weakness, but ended up sacrificing him just so that she could get her happy ending. Does everyone really think that if the choice came to it where she could get Emma to give up, she wouldn’t sacrifice Henry so that she could win and there would be no hope for any of the fairy tale characters?

This is just my thoughts so feel free to agree or disagree. I will be happy to hear anything you guys think of.

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